What do you have?

A friend of mine recently travelled to Zimbabwe for a business trip and she happened to go see Victoria Falls, which she said was spectacular, breathtaking. But I thought Victoria Falls was in Zambia? I asked, “Yes they are,” she answered me, “but for you to see them, you have to be in Zimbabwe.” How unfair is that? Zambia has the falls, but you can’t see them unless you go to Zimbabwe! And so the country that doesn’t own the falls, gets to benefit from all the tourist attraction!

As she explained this to me, it got me thinking, how many of us have gifts that God has given us, everyone around us is looking at what we have and wants to tap into it, but we who own it, don’t have a clue of what we have?  Each and everyone of us has being given a special gift by God, are you using it? or is it a spectacular show for everyone else to see, but not to benefit you or the Kingdom of God? As we come to the end of the year, and we usher in yet another year, what is it that you have with you and your not using is? What has God given you? time to reflect!! It may just be a simple staff like Moses, but when you give it to God, He shall use it to perform miracles!!
Reflections and journey to my soul!!
Give God something to work with!!

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