Clean up your mess…

My son poured dog rice on the floor, and I asked him to clean it up before doing anything else. He looked at me those ones of, really mum? And I looked right back at him, yes really son you’ve got to clean up the mess you’ve just created! He had to show responsibility for his actions.

The same way that he looked at me when I asked him to clean up, is the same way that we behave when we mess up! 1st you look around to see if anyone else has seen what you’ve just done, if not, we look around to see if we can get away with it. Truth is you can get away with anything before men, even murder! But never forget that even if no one was looking when you did wrong, there is one above who see’s it all. If you managed to cover it up in front of men, you will still need to clear up your mess before our Father in Heaven. If you don’t, we all know the consequences! But then again, when we go before God when we have sinned, He won’t start reading out all your mistakes, but rather what He wants us to do is to acknowledge that we are sinners and ask for forgiveness, its that simple. He’s not in the business of condemnation, no He isn’t!

How do you clean your mess before our father? By first acknowledging that you were wrong, repent and ask for forgiveness and our Heavenly Father who is Gracious, loving and merciful will forgive you. Therefore dearly beloved, whenever you do wrong, do not try to cover up your sins or justify as to why you did what you did, but rather, with all humilty, ask for forgiveness.



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