I once worked in an avionics workshop and one thing that I kept noticing was that, every now and then new technology was introduced. The manufacturers kept upgrading the equipments and the spare parts, however, whenever a new part was introduced over another, the previous one would become obsolete, meaning it couldn’t be used anymore onto the new equipment that had being introduced into the market, it became  useless. The english dictionary puts the meaning of the word obsolete as, ‘no longer produced or used; out of date.’ Who wants to become obsolete? who wants to become useless? This meant that as a company we went at a loss of every spare part stock that we had, we could only use the old stock with the old radios, but it also meant that we also had to buy the new stock, such that whenever we got a radio that was the newer version, then we would repair with the new stock. Obsolete spare parts couldn’t work on the new radios, why? because the manufacturer had either developed smaller versions of the spares, meaning the transistors and diodes were smaller and no longer being sold individually, but as a complete board.

Can we compare our lives with aviation radios? I think we can; How now you ask?

God is the manufacturer, He made each and everyone of us different, none of us is similar to the other, however, many of the times we find that most people try to get solutions to their problems, by doing what another person did. Just because it worked for a friend or a family member, doesn’t mean it will work for you, we forget that, it might look similar, but the characters are different. Whenever we do this, we get obsolete answers, which don’t work on us, and leads to frustrations of all kinds.

God being our manufacturer, has also laid down guidelines to life and these are all found in the Bible. This same Bible speaks of the beginning and the end of the world, which no one knows except our Father in Heaven. Therefore, we are supposed to live our lives for Christ, before we become obsolete, before we die, or before Christ comes back and the whole world comes to an end. Those who died in Christ will rise again and live forever more with Him in paradise, but those who rejected Him, will now become obsolete and be thrown into the lake burning with fire and brimstone. Why should we wait until we become obsolete? why wait until there is no longer any help for us, yet we can live in the moment and live for Christ the Saviour of the world?

God has given each and every one of us talents and special gifts, some are being used, some aren’t being used. Everyday we wake up in the morning, it is a sign from God that He has given us another chance to life, another chance to live for Him, another chance to change our ways, another chance to do His will. Lamentations 3:22-23 “Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is your faithfulness.” Meaning, no matter what you did yesterday, today God’s love and compassion for you doesn’t change, HIs Mercy, His love, His faithfulness are new every morning. He looks onto us with love, mercy and compassion, waiting and wanting that we all change our ways and live for Him.

God’s wish for mankind wasn’t death, it was and is Life everlasting in Him. God doesn’t want us to become obsolete, people who cannot be used of Him, but rather God wants us to become rooted in His Word, so that we can be alive in Him.

Today while you still have the breadth of life, live for Him. Today while you still have the breadth of life, serve Him, Honour God with all that you have, great shall be your reward! The world might look at you like a weirdo because of serving Christ, don’t worry when this happens, when the right time comes, everything will flip and you shall be rejoicing, while the rest will be lamenting.

Choose Jesus and choose not to ever become obsolete!!

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