United Pursuit sang the song “simple gospel” and I love the line that says “am laying down all my religion.” What is religion? the english dictionary puts it as “It is the belief and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.” All over the world different people follow different religions, some are born into it and its usually a case of following up what has being there since time memorial and if you don’t, your termed as an outcast. Religion entails a lot and each religion follows its own practice and beliefs, which its people are supposed to follow. As the world has evolved, so has our cultures and religious practices, the things that our ancestors used to do back in the days, we don’t see them anymore, and if they are, its on the minimal side.

That is why I love Jesus, you see what God does is different from all other types of religions out there! Long ago, people couldn’t go to God directly and so the middle person (priest) was there to offer sacrifices for mankind and act as the link between God and man. However, God wanted to change things and that is why He sent His only Son to come and die on the Cross, so He become the ultimate sacrifice for mankind. What Jesus did was very significant, He cut the link person, He cut the middle man and made us get direct contact with the BIG BOSS. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing nice like having a direct line to your boss, you don’t have to go through the reception, then through to the Personal Assistant, only to be told that the Boss isn’t around to attend to you. Same with business, we all want to do business whereby we know the person who we are dealing with, because this “personal” relationship brings about personal closeness to one another, leading to knowing each other very well.

This is the same thing that Jesus Christ wants for all of us, He wants to have a “Personal relationship,” with each and every one of us, and He’s made it so simple. Ever since He died, He didn’t close the door, He’s never had like enough of followers, He wants all of us to follow Him and get that personal touch with Him. We’ve all being kids at one point or another in life and I remember how wonderful it was when my relationship with my parents was good, I mean if I did good, I got rewarded, and whenever I did bad, I also got a reward which was punishment. When we come to Jesus, it gets even better, some religions say, we cannot go to God directly, but Jesus says, “come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Some religions give superiority on certain genders, but with Christ, we are all the same, we are all one! I don’t have to be rich and educated to be accepted by Him, all I have to do is open my heart and receive Him.

Jesus isn’t complicated at all, we are the ones that try and complicate Him. If you have a friend, and a special friend for that matter, most probably you’d know a lot about them, their home, how many siblings they got, what they like and what they don’t. If you knew that your ‘friend,’ doesn’t like certain things, then you’d try not to offend them, but rather please them. This is the same thing that Jesus is calling on all of us, He wants us to know Him, know what He likes and what He doesn’t like, and for Him, its pretty simple. Jesus is pure, blameless and without sin and so for Him its a matter of us trying to live our lives without sin. If you know that it would make Jesus unhappy by doing something, then why do it? I grew up in the era of WWJD what would Jesus do? and I remember we used to wear wrist bands on our hands which acted as a simple reminder, this is the same question that we need to keep asking ourselves. Would Jesus be happy if I kept gossiping? would Jesus be happy if I committed adultery?  would He be happy and smile at me every time I stole money or lied? off course He wouldn’t be, but we keep doing these things every now and then and we have reached a place whereby we have become COMFORTABLE. The term Christian, basically means Christ like, or Christ follower, the question however is this; does Christ look at us and smile, because of our deeds, or does He weep?

Yes He is compassionate, yes He is Kind, loving, gracious and full of mercy! He will forgive us from all unrighteousness and sin, but we need to play our part! We need to #walkthetalk, not preaching water and drinking wine. No one is perfect, no one! but we are made perfect in Him. Everyday we strive to have better relationships with our husbands, with our children, with our friends and workmates, why not strive to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Get to know Him, know what He wants to do in your life, know the power that He has given us in Him. There’s so much to learn everyday, so much to tap into, you can never have enough of Him; Never!

The desire of my heart is that I will know Him more today than I did yesterday, I have a hunger and thirst that only Christ can quench and I pray that this will be the desire of our hearts, To know Him, who to know is life eternal!!



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