Where are you in life? are you at a point where you can comfortably say that you’ve reached where you’ve always wanted to reach? are you at a point whereby you seem to have gone backwards? are you at a point where your stagnant, nothing is growing, nothing is moving? where are you in life? It’s always good to analyse yourself to see what’s really happening around you. However, we all don’t move at the same pace, some people overtook you many years back, but by the grace of God you’ve come a long way and you’ve catched up. There’s a Swahili proverb that says “kutangulia sio kufika,” meaning starting first doesn’t guarantee you will reach first. Success doesn’t have to be in finances only, success should also be in our relationships and family. What has happened before and keeps happening now is that when people become successful, they neglect the most important aspect of their life and that is FAMILY.

What is needed to keep the family circle happy? God is the one who ordained marriages and so from that, we get our families, our brothers and sisters. If your in marriage, then it means, you fell in love somewhere along the way and so love is already in the picture. Communication is the key and without it, so many things go by without being noticed, or rather ignored. Human beings were born to communicate to one another, we are not like animals who give signs and body language, no we are unique and that is why God gave us a mouth to communicate with. When the lack of communication comes into the picture, we see people bottling up so many emotions, so many pains, but they have chosen to be mute and have accepted things the way that they are, eventually, their minds switch off on a particular issue or even on someone. They are there physically, but emotionally they are way gone! This can happen not only in relationships, but also with friends, in your work place and even in church; selective hearing.

We need to realise that success should be all rounded, success should be in each and every area of our lives. The same way that we strive to be successful in business, is the same way that we should be successful in our walk with God and also in our relationships. The Bible puts this very well in Mark 8:36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? You might gain the whole world, but miss out on the most important things in life and even loose your very own soul. Work hard but don’t forget to put a balance, if you don’t put a balance, then one thing will out weigh the other. We are not guaranteed of tomorrow, its by the Grace of God that we are here today and we shouldn’t walk around like we have greeted God with our hand and so remain arrogant, no! Humility is the key to life.

However no matter what we go through in life, challenges of family or finances one thing that we must remember is that our God is Faithful and His Faithfulness has no end. He began a good work in all of us, He has good plans for all of us and He shall be Faithful to bring it to completion.


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