“I just want to be happy”, this is the phrase that most people use, and anyway would you really blame them? As it is right now our world is just full of hypocrisy and everyone is trying to look for a glimpse of hope that they can hold on to. A happy family, a happy marriage, we want to be happy at the place that we work, we all want to have peace of mind, but where should we draw our happiness from? Truth of the matter is we draw it from different places, and most of the time in all the wrong places. I think its because of being naive and wanting to impress everyone and in the long run, loose focus on what’s really important.

We’ve all had that one friend who says something and we jump at their words! We know it’s wrong, but still we had to impress them and be part of their click. I remember when I was young, I had this problem and it took control over me, I always wanted to be associated with the “cool guys” and one day they introduced me to smoking cigarettes. I had never done it before and I was scared stiff! what If I chocked? but noo… I still had to show that I wasn’t afraid of doing anything and so I took the cigarette and guffed! and boy did I choke and cough until we got caught, but I thank God that we got caught because I knew I was doing something stupid, but I didn’t know how to get out of it.

This is exactly the same thing that has happened before and keeps happening everyday. To me back in the days happiness was trying to fit in and make other people happy, but deep inside I was longing to be happy. This scenario isn’t for the young people only, no it isn’t, it also applies when you become a grown up and still don’t know what true happiness is or where it comes from. Women, we try and find happiness in our husbands or children and some men try to find happiness in their wives or in their friends and social activities and so they indulge in drinking alcohol.

The truth is however this, anytime that try to find happiness in people or things, we don’t get it and we end up getting used and abused, yet we are the ones that allowed the situation to happen.  We allow people to take advantage of us, we give them the power over our lives of which they have absolutely none! And we keep thinking to ourselves, if this person isn’t in my life then am doomed! that’s crap, but it’s a lie that has been there since time memorial, and it’s all the work of the devil. When God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, He told them not to eat the fruit. However, when Satan came into the picture, he twisted the situation and asked “did God really tell you not to eat the fruit?” Now, we all know the power of the mind! once doubt comes in, then everything else starts shaking and you start questioning and that is exactly what happened to Eve.

Where does true happiness come from? I strongly believe that true happiness comes from knowing God, knowing who He is and knowing that only Him has the power and authority over our lives, everyone else can and should take the back seat! When we look up to God, we don’t need man to be happy, no we find the one who see’s deep into our souls. True happiness comes when we find God and then make it our priority to try and make other people happy. It can be hard, especially when your life is in chaos, but I have found that everytime that I despair and cheer someone else, then I also find peace and when peace comes, happiness is usually around the corner.


True happiness is finding God, allowing Him to be Lord and Saviour over your life. True happiness comes from serving others and not waiting to be served, true happiness comes from giving, true happiness comes when we follow God’s commands. Yes it’s a tough world out there! nobody ever said it would be easy, but we can still find happiness in this world and that happiness comes from the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s the only one who can make you smile in the midst of the storm, He’s the only one who can give you peace when your grieving, He’s the only one who can turn your mourning into dancing, and turn your ashes into beauty.

We’ve all made mistakes, but we shouldn’t dwell in them to make other people have control our lives! Jesus is the only person who should have control over you, and even Him, He can’t force Himself onto you, He will wait patiently until you allow Him in! That alone shows you that He’s not a dictator, He allows us to make choices, but we also have to remember that the choices that we make, also have consequences.

Find True Happiness in Knowing JESUS CHRIST!

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