If you knew the exact time when you will die what will you do? who would you like to spend your last minutes with? if the only currency you had was your time, what would you buy? knowing that every time you buy something with your hours, your time to live here on earth reduces. I was watching an old movie called ‘in time’ and it got me asking myself a lot of questions. Do we spend enough time with God in prayer as we ought to? do we read the Bible enough? If we had a clock that showed how many days, hours and seconds we had before we died, what would we do? Would we spent time with family and loved ones? or would we spend it in drinking and having ‘fun.’

Life is an amazing journey when you find out what your purpose is, and live it, but there are people who don’t know their purpose, don’t know what their next move should be. How can I know my purpose in life? well I am no theologian, but what I do know is that when God formed us, He had a purpose for each and everyone of us. I was having this conversation with my friend over the weekend and I asked her, “what of the child who died in their mothers womb?” did they serve their purpose? what of the child who is born and only stays for 2 or 3 hours and they gone? what was their purpose? At times when situations and circumstances happen all around us, the human mind will tend to ask questions why this happened the way it did. At that particular moment and time, we will not understand why whatever happened, happened and its because we don’t want to accept the situation. I know am writing this, but am asking myself really Cynthia? but such is life and the way that our brains think! We need to understand that our God is a God of order and a God of planning, He’s the grand master planner and everything that He plans is for our good. We may not see it at that particular moment, but it is.
First step into finding yourself, is finding God! when you find God you embark on a journey, a journey to your soul, a journey into seeking what pleases God. And when you find Him, you also find yourself and purpose in life. I like watching movies and one thing that I have realised is that most movies are speaking of end times, how the world will end, how people will starve, new world order and so many other agendas. When you go to YouTube, you will find clips and short documentaries on our future lives to come, how technology will be, going into another planet, since earth will no longer be able to contain us or the fields be able to give us food. The more reason I like to look around the internet and see what they are thinking and planning, however the truth of the matter is this, no one knows when the world will end. The Bible describes to us how it will be in those days, but it doesn’t give a certain date or hour when it will particularly happen.

Our time here on earth is very important and from the moment we are born, time is one thing that doesn’t stop for any of us. It keeps moving, minutes into hours, into days and years, time is precious and once it passes, it doesn’t come back. Every year we grow older, but do we grow wiser? do we grow knowing God? or are just wasting away in this earth? Time is flying, time is something that we certainly do not have; and so we need to start asking ourselves some questions. Am I living my purpose here on earth? Am I walking with God? Am I aligned to God? When your aligned to God, its about Him and not about you, its about His plans over your life and not your plans. We’ve all done things in this life and we thought we were aligned to God’s purpose in our lives and yet it wasn’t, and so for me, its always a prayer asking Him to align me to His will and His purpose.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, live your life for Jesus Christ, such that even when He calls you Home, even if you would not have finished your purpose, someone else will take it from where you left it and carry the vision through. Live for God, and find true happiness. The most important thing in life is Knowing Jesus, who to know is LIFE ETERNAL!


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