Strive to excel

We strive so hard to excel in life, that we actually forget that we also need to put the same effort in our salvation. Think about it for a minute, and ask yourself, if we put the same effort in our salvation and working for Christ as we do for being successful in other things, then I honestly think that we would all be on another level, in our walk with God.

From an early age in life, we have all being taught that to succeed in life, we have to work hard, read while in school so that we can make it. Now don’t get me wrong, am not in any way insinuating that people should stop working hard, No! Infact I hate laziness, however if we put the same effort in achieving our lives goals, into salvation and living out our lives for Jesus, don’t you think God will take us back to Eden? or just create another world altogether? I mean, have you ever thought for one minute, if everyone all over the world came together with only one sole purpose and that is to please God? What do you think it would do to Him? Am sure He would be a very happy guy, after all, we were created to worship Him, we were made by Him, in His likeness, for Him. But somewhere along the line, some evil dude just wanted to disrupt everything and change the course of life! Shock on him, God already saw his plans, and had already made even greater plans to send His only Son to come die for us, thus changing our course in life! What the enemy planned for evil, God turned it for good, and if He did this over 2,000 years ago, what makes you think He won’t do the same now, in 2016 or in the years to come?

Not everyone is successful on the same scale, no! But thats what makes us all unique, thats what makes us depend on each other. No single person can ever satisfy their own needs in life, yes you may have the money but you can’t treat yourself when your sick nor can you fly yourself as a pilot would.
Are you living your purpose.png

Every time that we fail in life, we beat ourselves up so hard, retracing our steps to see what went wrong where, so that we can rectify what we can, and what we can’t, we learn from it and move on. I don’t know if its just me, but I have reached a point in life whereby, I don’t want to please anyone else except my Father in Heaven, the rest can take a chill pill! We have become people who when it comes to kingdom things, we look at it as if we are being disturbed by the pastor. Some people have the tendency of removing their tithes and offerings, then they keep asking what the church does with it, really? you want a summary report? God loves a cheerful giver, and anytime that you give and start asking questions with what the pastor is doing, then just know, its not cheerful. It might be a lot of cash you’ve given, while your neighbour gave just a little, but they were cheerful and gave it wholeheartedly, who do you think will please God more?

I read somewhere where a question was asked, “if the tithes and offerings we give were being used to make your mansion in Heaven, which stage would it be?” at the foundation or would it be finished and ready to move in? Would I give differently if I knew that the money am giving would go directly into my Heavenly mansion? if the answer is yes, then it means, that you haven’t being giving the way that you should be. No one would love it if they get chased out of their homes because of late payments in mortgage or late rent payments, why then do we delay what is rightfully God’s? Tithes? We Take our salaries, pay all our bills and then what remains is what will us make the decision of to tithe or not to tithe! How selfish we have become.

Today do a reality check! ask yourself hard questions and be truthful to yourself. This life that we live in isn’t a rehearsal, its not like we trying it out and then we come back to the playing field to actually play the real game, NO! This is the real deal, meaning the way we strive everyday to make our lives comfortable, is the same way that we should work out everyday to please God. Yes its not going to easy, nobody ever said it would, but you have to give it a shot and your best shot for that matter.

Strive to excel, strive to work hard, but in the midst of it all, don’t forget to serve God, let Him be the first one you talk to  when you wake up and the last one when you go to bed. Let Him take the number 1 position in your life and over your life, and I guarantee you when you do this, even when it seems as if your carrying the whole world on your shoulders to the rest of the world, you be strolling with Him as He holds your hand.


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