Who you living for?

I keep a few chickens in my house and we just realised that the male one was sick, and so we decided to slaughter it, so that it may not infect all the other remaining chickens. Before we slaughtered it, we tried to administer medication to see if it will get better, but it didn’t, and the hard decision was made to bring it down! It didn’t matter that it had helped to fertilise many eggs in my backyard, the fact that it wasn’t getting better and would infect the rest, overruled any other decision.

I thank God that human beings are not like animals who are killed, just by getting sick, we are special. However, the Bible tells that Jesus is the true vine, and His Father is the Gardener, and He cuts off every branch that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit, He prunes, so that it will be even more fruitful. John 15:1-2 What does this mean? Will God not want anything to do with us because we aren’t working for His Kingdom? Jesus died for us all, He didn’t just die for a certain race, no He didn’t, however, the ball has now being shifted over to us. Jesus will not impose Himself onto us just because He died for us, no He will not! What He does is wait patiently for us to give our lives over to Him. Those who do, He comes in and lives in us, and He continues to change us by the day, as long as we allow Him to, but those who don’t, they continue to wither and dry up and eventually will be thrown in the fire & burned. John 15:6

Jesus being the greatest teacher this world has ever seen, spoke in parables, which signified a deeper meaning into the teachings that He taught, and one parable that I love is the one of the 10 virgins who were keeping night vigil waiting for their groom to come. The wise were wise to take enough oil with them, while the foolish were foolish enough and did not take any oil for their lamps, (like really, how do you not do that?) the bridegroom took a long time before he came and they all fell asleep. However, because he delayed, didn’t mean that the bridegroom wasn’t going to come, at least not at the hour that everyone was expecting him to come, but eventually he did. The foolish virgins tried to borrow some oil from the wise virgins, but they were not given and so they went to get their own, only to find that the bridegroom came, took the wise, went into the banquet and the door was shut! Matthew 25:1-12

I personally think that this particular parable is applicable to us now, some people are wise enough and have gotten Jesus into their lives. They have been persecuted, called all sorts of names, tried and tested in every area, but still they have kept the faith and remain still waiting for the bridegroom to come. We have lost many christians along the way, but that doesn’t mean that our bridegroom isn’t coming, or the gospel isn’t real. He is coming soon, and very soon for that matter, all we have to do is always be on guard, for none of us knows when HE COMETH! Yes the rest of the world seems to be on a roll! people are joining the occult by the day, truth is, everyone of us will be rewarded according to our deeds, the Crown of Life or the Lake of fire, the choice is yours and yours only! Don’t “party” now and weep later, but rather weep now and party later!

A while back a friend told me that I take ‘this Jesus’ thing too seriously and she was complaining that I flooded her FB timeline with ‘Jesus stuff.’ I believe its not only me, but so many of us out there, don’t grow weary! I am not about to put a stop to putting up “Jesus stuff,” infact it will only increase by the day. If we don’t take Jesus seriously, then what else can we take seriously? The only person who ever shed His blood for us, of course we need to take Him seriously and live for Him. Right now christians (saved) people will be looked at as the foolish ones, while in the right sense, they are the wise. If you don’t know Jesus, its just as if, you have a lamp with no oil. A time will come when the Groom will come to take His bride (church), and if you don’t have any oil (Jesus) with you, then He will only take those who have accepted Him and bring them Home (Heaven)

We preach prosperity, love, peace, healing, but one topic that many people shy off from speaking about is judgment, Heaven and Hell. If these were not true, why are they written in the Bible, If they aren’t significant, why put them there? When all is said and done, the reality of the matter is this, on the day of judgement, if your name is not found in the Lamb’s Book of Life, then you shall be cut off (just like a chicken) and thrown into the lake of fire!


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