Special Creation

I tell you what, my sons are just crazy!! So I over hear them talking and the older one tells the young one in Swahili, ‘unajua sisi tulijengwa na mchanga’ which basically means ‘you know we were made from dust?’  And the young one is like no way! How can we be made of dust? How did God put us together using dust? did He mix dust with water? And because he didn’t believe his brother, he comes over to me and asks the same question and I tell him it’s true. You should have seen his eyes and mouth, wide opened in disbelief and he was like No way! After awhile, he comes and says, “mum, can I too make a person?” And am like how will you do that? And he goes by mud, just the way God did it! At this point am laughing my lungs off…. my son wanting to make a human with mud just the way God did it? I had to explain to him that he can’t make man, and that its only God who has the power to breath the breadth of life, he goes on to say, “then God must be the most powerful person on earth?” And am like your right boo…. He’s very powerful.

He took me way back to the story of creation, Genesis 2:7 “The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man become a living being.” When God was creating things in the beginning, He simple spoke the Word and it came into being, but when it comes to man, God does something totally different. He forms him, meaning God paid attention to detail to man, and wanted man to be a special creature, and then after forming him, the Bible says He breathed the breath of life into His nostrils. This particular passage clearly proves to us that we did not evolve, we didn’t come from the monkey kingdom, we have never walked on fours! We were made special by the one and only person who created us and everything else that is into being, GOD. Don’t you just love that! God made us differently, we are not like animals, who even when they die have no soul and will never resurrect. We have beautiful bodies, we have a mind that thinks and works better and greater than any other creature on earth, we have feelings, we get hurt, we love, we forgive. Animals don’t know anything about forgiveness, if a gazelle crosses the path of a Lion, you’l be sure it will get eaten, the Lion won’t look at it and think, “oh your so beautiful, just go on your way jumping around,” no way! The Lion will jump at the gazelle for its food to it.

Our lives are special to God, and that is why He is the only one who decides when we will leave this earth or not. Scientists have tried cloning and I must say, they are getting better and better by the day, but this one thing is true, they can never make a heart, they can never make a human that has feelings just the way we do, they can never make lungs and kidneys and skin! No they can’t, and they won’t! All they can do, is robots, machines and many more machines. What God did with us, is just special and amazing. Therefore, we don’t need to look down upon ourselves, we don’t need to feel like we don’t matter, we matter a lot in the eyes of God our Father, and He created each and every one of us for a purpose. We all need each other, sometimes I sit and wish we could go back to the garden of Eden, where everything was just good and peaceful, but we can’t. However, we can each try and make our world a better place than we found it, how? Love for God, Love for man and love for our environment (surroundings). With love, we can accomplish much, without love, our world falls apart, with people rising against each other, nations against nations, but where there is Love, there is peace, there is joy!

Today remember that you were made special by God, He had you in His mind, while He was still forming the world, He knew you, when you were in your mothers womb, He made you and me special. No matter what comes our way, may we never forget how special we are in the eyes of God.


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