At what age do children start making decisions for themselves? Well they don’t really make major decisions when they are young, but be sure that they will start choosing their clothes, they will start choosing their food, some will even start choosing what subjects they like and which ones they don’t like. From an early age, we start realising what we like and what we don’t like, and most of this is usually influenced by our upbringing, what we see around in our neighbourhood, what we see in our parents and what we see around us. A child born in the rural home is different from a child who is raised in town, mainly due to upbringing, but it will reach a point whereby this child raised upcountry will come to the city centre and see things they’ve never seen before. This is where our tests start coming in, your a young person, your now in college or university and your seeing that to be cool, you have to smoke, you have to drink and go to all the parties, people are being introduced to drugs, the choice will be yours. Some will say no and stick to their no, why? because their parents have already had that discussion with them and explained the dangers. Others will want to explore and find out why was I told not to take this? and so they make their own decision to do what they want.

If you as a parent have done the job of explaining all the dangers there are out there to your children, even when they rebel, yes you will continue to pray for them that God will change them because you really can’t put a bullet to their heads and force them to live their lives according to your gospel! that’s next to impossible. However, if you as a parent have never ever had a talk with your children to tell them about what goes on in the world, and even allow them to be free and ask questions, then you will feel very guilty when they go and do exactly what they learn out there. Teach them or not, talk to them or not, at the end of the day, we all have choices to make and we make them everyday.

We choose what to wear, what to cook, what programmes we will watch, every single day of our life is a choice. There is no day that goes by without us making choices for ourselves. Married folks, we choose everyday to love our partners unconditionally, its a choice that you made when you took your vows and you keep making until death do both of you apart. Choices have consequences, the choice we make today, will determine what we will be tomorrow. If you make good choices, then you will harvest good results, no matter how long it takes, but if you make bad choices, you will also harvest the same bad results. There is no way that you plant beans and expect to harvest maize, its impossible!

Salvation too is a choice and everyday you have to make a choice to follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. When we get saved, we become a target to the devil, why? because we are no longer his, we no longer follow his worldly ways and so he will try to do everything in his power to pull you down or even kill you! The struggle is real, the struggle is everyday, you finish one fight, and you get straight on to the other. Will you give up? or will you keep moving forward? I remember our school motto used to be “Forward ever, backward never,” and the teachers kept pushing us everyday to work hard and get better results. This should be the same for our daily walk with God, Forward it will always be, never looking back to get into the old ways, but looking back to see how far the Lord has made us reach!

When you make the decision to follow Jesus, everyday, He will never leave you nor forsake you, He will fill you up with His HolySpirit to give you power to over come every temptation and every fiery dart of the enemy. Be of good cheer, He overcame the world for us! John tells us in chapter 15:16, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit-fruit that will last-and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.” Jesus chose us from the beginning of the world, we didn’t choose Him, but He chose us, why then haven’t we let Him in? I mean Jesus here is like the CEO of a world class company telling you that He’s already picked you for the job! no appointment, no interview, the job (Kingdom) is already yours for the taking. Not that I like free-bee’s but, am accepting this call and moving forward with it, to grow in His company (Kingdom) and recruit many more people to come to Him. SO come, on and join this band wagon, join in this Salvation given freely for us all!!


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