Are we ready yet?

I saw the waters rising from the sea, so tall like a mountain, the winds blowing so fast and uprooting anything on its way. The waters swept over all the ships in the seas, even the great big ships were all washed alway, the peoples were running to higher ground, trying to run away from the force of the waters, but Lo! they couldn’t match the great force of the waters, which came and washed them away. Waters rising in the buildings, people were trapped in the buildings, and nothing seemed to save them. Then I saw people who were in a restaurant and who had no idea of what was happening, and so I ran over to them to alert them of what was happening, some looked at me as if I was mad, but before they could even talk or even stand up to run, the waters came around and swept them too. The aftermath was so great! I saw a little girl who didn’t know where the parents were, and she came over to me and when I asked her to take me to where her mother was, she took me to a toilet, her mother sat there, all confused like a zombie, murmuring things that couldn’t be understood, the same was everywhere, state of confusion, state of shock! As I stood there in the midst of all these chaos, I noticed one thing, every child was safe, it didn’t matter the race, it didn’t matter the skin colour, every child was safe and sound.

Behold I am coming soon says the Lord, anyone who cleans his garment in the Lambs blood shall be saved. But those who will not be covered by the blood will be washed away! But how can a God who is loving and caring do this to His people? Why doesn’t He give His people time? The gospel has been preached time and time again, but still my people do not want to repent. The more they are spoken to about the second coming the more they rebel. Woe unto them! Woe unto the people who brush off everything that is written about Me! Woe unto the people who will not be ready.

My heart bleeds, my heart bleeds, time is running out!

Yes its true that the gospel has been preached, but still people do not change their ways. Most christians do not like to read the book of Revelation because, they say “its scaring them,” how can the truth scare you? why have we allowed the devil to fill our hearts with fear of what will come? Everything that is written in the Bible will COME TO PASS, everything! Whether we are afraid or not, whether we like it or not, whether we are ready or not, It shall be, just as God has written it. 1Thessalonians 5:2 for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night and so let us be ready!

I am coming soon I am coming soon says the Lord….


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