That which eats you is within you


I woke up today and all that was in my head was a swahili proverb that says “kikulacho ki nguoni mwako,” which means “that which is eating you is within you.” As a pondered on why I woke up with this saying in my head, I started thinking of the many instances I knew of, or people that I knew, who have been betrayed by ‘friends,’ or should I call them ‘frenemies.’ Why do people do that? why do we pretend to be there for one another, yet we hate each other? why do people break their vows? why is betrayal the order of the day? If you ain’t betraying or if you haven’t gone against someone else’s plans then your a weirdo!

Such is life, such is the world that we are living in right now, everything that was deemed as right, is the total opposite! In my country right now, women are going crazy in getting sponsors for themselves, these are men who are mostly married and rich and who have settled in their families. The sponsor type of woman wants to get everything free, and all she has to do is sleep with this man, and make his fantasies come true! We are seeing school going children who admire this culture and all they ever want to do, is get a sponsor who will, pay for their education, pay for their luxuries and all they ever have to do is party like a rock star. The flip side of this is that, these so called sponsors who spend all their monies on you, in the end look at you as their property, and we all know that nobody likes to loose their ‘property.’ Young ladies are being murdered by their sponsors, because they realised that what they have been investing in all along, has been nothing but a lier, a schemer, who had their true lover on the side. This is betrayal of the highest order, the sponsor betrays his wife, however, he is also betrayed by his side chick! the circle is within, not from the outside!

When I look from the beginning, I ask myself where did all this start? I am taken back to the story of Lucifer and how he wanted to become like God. Lucifer was created by God, and the Bible says that he was beautiful, ‘you were the model of perfection’ Ezekiel 28:12, and verse 14 says ‘You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you.’ Pride came in the heart of Lucifer and he placed his own beauty and perfection above his love for God, and because of pride, he fell to his darkest domain and he is now known as satan, the rival of God. He was in Heaven, a guardian cherub but still he was the same one, who revolted against God and wanted to take his place on the Throne! Ever since he was thrown out of Heaven, all he ever does is to make people become just like him, PROUD! Take a look at our world, its filled with liers, pride has now being enthroned on most peoples hearts! we aren’t remorseful of what we do, we don’t care! everything is easy come, easy go, why? because most people have taken up after lucifer, the father of all lies!

It doesn’t have to be like this, no it doesn’t, that is why Jesus came into the world, he saw the way it was filled with darkness, and He came down from Heaven to become the ultimate sacrifice for the human race. Jesus Christ freed us from the guilt of sin, and so we don’t need to be like the world anymore! Yes trials will come, and when they do remember what He told us in John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” What this means is, because he overcame the world, and everything in it, then we too, have become overcomers. We don’t need to be slaves to sin, just because everyone else is doing it and its termed as ‘cool,’ no! stand firm in your faith, stand firm on the Word of God. Let them call you a weirdo for Christ! let them know whom you truly serve! Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God!

Be different from the world! let your light shine!

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