Who Approves your work?

When young children do their homework, they always bring to their parents to have a look and see if they have done the right thing. But as they go along you start noticing when they reach the upper classes, they usually don’t bring to their parents to check, they think that they are old enough and the only person who checks their work is the teacher. They go to high school it starts getting worse as some start to skip classes, don’t do their homework etc. Fast forward to college or university, here you think you are your own master and no one can control you, miss classes, miss assignments your rowdy, it’s like your in a world of your own, you don’t listen to anybody!!
You see when your work isn’t checked, you keep repeating the same mistake over and over again!! So who is supposed to have approval over our lives? God. Whenever you make your plans and have an idea, take your plans to the father and ask Him if this is what He wants you to do. Sometimes we try business after business and they keep failing why? Relationship after relationship keep failing why? The  question we should all ask ourselves is, does God approve of this? If God is not in your plans, then you will be going 2 steps forward and 10 steps backwards. 
Let him approve your work, let Him approve your plans, let Him approve your relationships. If it didnt work out with someone, or he or she left you, God knows why they did, trust Him to take you to the next level of relationships, He will bring you someone whom He made especially for you! No need of you to cry over spilt milk!  When things aren’t God oriented, they fall apart. 
Trust in God is the best thing that any of us can do. Even when things don’t look as if they are heading in the right direction, just say “LORD, it’s dark, I can’t see the front, I cant see the light, but your the driver in my life, and so I TRUST YOU!! He knows the best, He knows what’s good for you and what isn’t. If He says no, listen to Him. When He closes a door, He will open a window, and when He says yes to you, nobody can dare say no! Trust Him, because He is the Great I AM!


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