Denying Christ

Palm Sunday is the day Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly, the people spread palm branches on the road, and He came in riding a donkey. He was preparing Himself for that which was written would happen, He was preparing Himself on the focus and plan of God. He had His 12 disciples and He knew among them, one would betray Him, yet another would deny him, but He didn’t reveal who they were until the time had come! The word of God had to be fulfilled. Judas was a thief and he betrayed Him for 30pieces of silver, while Peter denied Jesus 3 times and it was only after he heard the cock crowing did he realise what had happened.

He was arrested and taken before the high priest and before Pilate, the crowds wanted Him dead. They put a crown of thorns on his head, clothed Him in a purple robe, struck Him on his face, He was beaten, carried the cross and was crucified between two thieves. The soldiers took His clothing and tore it into 4, among themselves, leaving Him with only the undergarment and He died on the cross with His last words “IT IS FINISHED”.

All the sins of the world were on Him, and God couldn’t look at Him, that is why He said, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me”. The human part was all that was left and it couldn’t endure the pain and He died. The devil thought He had won, he knew he had destroyed God’s plan, what he didn’t know was, the death of Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice for mankind to be reconciled back to God. He became shame, that we may live a life free of guilt and shame. He carried the sins of the entire world, that you may be free.

As we draw close and as we celebrate Easter, remember it’s not about Easter eggs or Easter Bunny! (the new Ice Age movie is about easter eggs, they trying to teach our kids differently) It’s not about not going to work, or having parties! It’s about the sacrifice that Christ made so that you may live forever more. Think about your life, think of how you’ve been living it? Are you living for Christ? Have you forgotten the sacrifice He made for you? Have you forgotten all that He went through so that you can be free? He died that you may live!

God who pre-planned everything, planned the end from the beginning. He had it all figured out! How about us? Do we have our lives figured out? Where are we headed? Do you know? The truth is this, if Christ isn’t Lord and Saviour over your life, your headed for eternal condemnation, but if Christ is your Lord and Saviour, your headed to eternal life! Make the choice today to get saved and start living your life for Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

He was crucified infront of everyone, now live your life for Him, infront of everyone, not being ashamed, not denying Him!

“Behold I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book” Revelation 22:7


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