We wear different shoes for different occasions, but in reality we can’t do without shoes. They protect us from the scorching heat of the sun, they protect us from rain water, stones on the path and much more. If we walk bare feet, we will get blisters, cracks which may lead to open wounds.

We wear different shoes for different occasions. Official shoes for going to the office, flat shoes for casual wear, or sport shoes for training and keeping fit. The same way that shoes are an important aspect in our lives, it is the same way that we need Jesus in our lives. We need Him when it’s cold and snowing in our lives, we need Him when it’s sunny and shinning in, we need Him when it’s windy, raining or stormy, we need Him every single day!

Though sometimes we put Him on when it’s rainy and stormy, but as soon as the sun comes up and everything is good, we forget about Him and we remove Him from our lives, it’s like we put Him aside completely to be used for another day or time. Still, even when we do this, He still doesn’t get angry with us, He still loves us, and patiently waits and keeps knocking on our doors. He doesn’t judge, doesn’t under estimate or overestimate what we need, He is just perfect! Awesome, why wouldn’t anyone want to be associated with Jesus?

People say they want to enjoy life and have fun without restrictions, truth is there are rules surrounding us and governing us, which if we don’t follow, we will get into trouble. Our work place, our country, even the devil himself has his own rules, that his worshippers follow, why then wouldn’t we want to follow the rules that have been set aside for us by God? Why do we put Him on only when we need Him? And completely disregard Him when everything around us is going on well?

Make the decision today to accept Jesus Christ into your life, and keep Him as your Lord and Saviour. Remember He said, if your ashamed of Him here on earth, He will be ashamed of you in Heaven before God.

Put on the shoes of Jesus and stick to them!



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