Waiting on the Lord

When Hezekiah became King over Judah, he was only 25 years old. He was a king who did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, he trusted in the Lord, followed the ways of the Lord and kept all His commandments. In those days, he became ill, to the point of death, and the prophet Isaiah gave him a word that he needed to put his house in order because he wasn’t going to recover, but rather die. King Hezekiah being a believer, then turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord to remember Him and how he had walked before Him faithfully and wholeheartedly and Hezekiah wept bitterly. The Lord heard his prayer and He added 15 more years to King Hezekiah.
Sometimes we feel the pressure to challenge God having walked faithfully and wholeheartedly before His eyes. I have and am sure most of us have. You follow His ways and do everything right before Him, yet still nothing seems to be going well for you, it’s in times like these that you find yourself reminding God of how you’ve walked before Him. Your waiting on Him for a job, a child, your finances are just going from bad to worse, your about to be kicked out of your house, your children don’t have food or school fees and worse still, their uniforms are torn! You reach the end and cry out to God to remember you.
The fact still remains that He is a faithful God, He answered King Hezekiah immediately and gave him 15 more years, yet He is the same God that gave Abraham a child when he was 100 years old, having waited for Isaac for 25years. Joseph waited 13yrs before he became a leader in Egypt, the children of Israel waited for 40yrs before entering the promised land and David waited for 10years from the time he was anointed by Samuel, to the time that he was actually declared King over Israel. All through the Bible we see many other examples of men and women who waited on God patiently for His promise, for His deliverance and even if it took long, God still came through. Why then does God make us wait? The answer is this, what God does to us while we wait upon Him, is more important than what we wait for! Yes you have been faithful to Him, but out of the wait, He is teaching you much more greater virtues and your faith is being tested, so don’t give up on God!
What then shall we say? Shall we not keep being faithful in our walk with God because He makes us wait? Certainly not! Infact as the Bible tells us in James 1:2 to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials, for the testing of our faith develops perseverance.
Dearly beloved, what lessons is God trying to teach you as you wait on Him? Are you learning anything? or do you continually continue to question Him why? If we don’t learn, we will be going round and round in circles for many days and continue questioning God of not doing anything, yet it is we who are refusing to learn from God.
Great will be your testimony, great will be your reward, continue walking faithfully before Him, He sees it all, and He will reward everyone according to his works!



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