The devil is impotent over your life…

I recently heard a preacher say, “The devil is impotent over your life,” crowds were cheering and saying Amen, Hallelujah and for me, I won’t lie it was a blonde moment for a moment there! I didn’t first get it at first, but later on it dawned on me on what the preacher meant. Am sure we’ve all had blonde moments whereby someone said something and it took like 2 or 3 minutes later for you to actually understand and catch what they said. I knew what impotent meant, but I actually looked it up in the dictionary to see the proper meaning and it said, 1) inability to take effective action, helplessness, and 2) inability in a man to achieve  an erection or orgasm. To be honest when the preacher said the word impotent, the first thing that went into my mind was, impotence in the context of men and inability of erection. I know your reading this smiling and thinking get your mind out of the gutter Cynthia! well truth be told, majority of people will think on the same line as I did! I know am justifying myself, but that’s just life. Anyways, back to my writing, so I will use impotence in the context of “inability to take effective action and helplessness.” 

Where did I go wrong? Ever asked yourself that question?…………………..You had a marriage that used to be the envy of many people but now it’s gone, your well paying job is a thing of the past, what about your child? Well what do you know, you just lost your child who was normal, playing with other kids and the next minute they are rushed to hospital and before they even diagnose what the problem is, your little angle is gone. As if that is not enough, your body just doesn’t seem to handle all the pressures around, and so it gives in to fatigue, to confusion, to worry! absolutely nothing makes sense and your at your downfall.

What do you do? where do you turn to? who do you cry to, its times like these that your friends desert you; well you really can’t blame them can you? they’ve given you a shoulder to cry on, but it reaches a point where you personally feel you are a burden to everyone else around you and so we do the most honorable thing for ourselves, we get into our cocoons, into our innermost cages and we shut the whole world around us. When everyone looks at us, we look okay, after all why wouldn’t anyone expect us not to be okay? but deep inside we are hurting so much and we don’t know where to turn to. 

I don’t know about you but there was a time that I told God, to forget about a certain issue in my life, why you might ask? well because I was tired of going back to the same old issue over and over again! it wasn’t working the way I wanted it to and I had had  enough of it. I just couldn’t understand why it kept on repeating itself over and over again and so I ‘thought’ that this particular one, was a tough one for God, if not, why didn’t He solve it once and for all? Isn’t this the story of our daily lives? Issues that keep repeating themselves until we think they are part of us, like family. 

Now, lets flip everything around. Imagine just for one minute that the devil is not able to take or make any effective action in your life. Okay then why do I suffer? why do so many things keep happening in my life? haven’t we all felt this way? I know I have and it’s during these times, if not careful, that we let anger and bitterness rule our hearts. 
When I was in school, before I moved on to the next class, I had to do exams and these exams determined if I was to be promoted or not. On the report card, the teachers would comment on the performance of every subject; ‘aim higher,’ ‘can do better if they concentrate,’ ‘slight improvement noted,’ and ‘well done.’ For me and am sure for most people, we valued what the teachers wrote on our report cards and end year certificates. When we did well, we would get promoted to the next class and when we didn’t, the teacher would write a recommendation that the pupil should repeat the class, as the grades attained were not good enough for the next class. 
The same it is with life, the experiences that we go through in life shape and mould us, but it is our attitude that matters in all this. I used to have a bad attitude about mathematics, and I really couldn’t pin point why, I just hated the subject. And because I hated the subject, I never wanted much to do with it, and as expected, I didn’t get very good grades in it, until I changed my attitude towards the subject. If we go through life with a bad attitude that the trials which we are going through are only meant to hurt us and cause us pain, then we don’t grow and instead we let bitterness and hatred grow inside of us, and in the end we give the devil a foothold. 
When Jesus died on the cross, He said “It is finished” however, we walk around in life like people who don’t know what their Savior said. Trials aren’t supposed to come and finish us, they are meant to build us and help us change our attitude about how we handle issues, how we handle our children, spouses, and everything that is thrown at us. Remember the story of Job in the Bible? Job was blameless and upright before God, but he too endured trials, (this just goes to show us that even those who are upright before God, still go through trials and temptations). Job lost his children, sheep & servants, camels all in one day; and even after all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. As if that was not enough, Job was later on afflicted with painful sores from the soles of his feet to the crown of his head. Job had the potential ability to curse God and die as his wife kept insisting to him, but he didn’t. Job knew that the devil had no power whatsoever over him, he knew the devil was impotent over his life.
This is what God is calling us to know, that no matter what comes our way, the enemy cannot take any action in our lives unless we permit him and give him a chance. God is all knowing and all powerful, He knows our tomorrow, we don’t, He knows what will make us better and what will not. Therefore when trials come our way, it is not time to ask why me? instead it is a time to be grateful to God for allowing the trials to come, because He has already seen that you will emerge victorious. This life that we live is marked by God, He is the only one that will approve if we move to the next phase or not, if we fail our exams, you find we stall at one place, or the same thing keeps coming over and over, until we pass. All these small trails will culminate to our greatest life event on judgment day, on this day God will judge all peoples of the earth, both rich and poor, educated or not, and only He will decide our final fate, whether we spend eternity in Heaven or in hell. 
Dearly beloved, the devil has no effective action over your life, for him, its usually a case of creating fear, confusion and causing us to be proud, not wanting to see the things that God is doing in our lives. When fear comes in, confusion is usually seen next and then when things don’t seem to go as we may want, we start having a bad attitude which leads to pride! Pride that states, ‘I don’t need God,’ ‘I can do it on my own.’
The choice is entirely up to us, to go through life thinking the devil has power over us or to go through life knowing that Jesus finished it all on the cross, therefore we are more than conquerors through Christ our Lord and Savior. We need to walk like people who know their God, because if we know Him, we shall be strong and do mighty exploits as written in Daniel 11:32. God didn’t say life would be easy, He said, we surrender to Him, to put our hands in His hands and let Him lead us. His power over my life.

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