Clean your drawers!!

So a week is almost done and I haven’t penned down anything, well better late than never. Its being a few weeks since I started re-organising and cleaning my house, don’t get me wrong, its not that my house isn’t regulary cleaned, I mean the routinely say two months in-house cleanup. Getting into those drawers to see what’s really important and what needs to thrown out completely. I kid you not I came across some really old school photos, and truly God has being Ebenezer! One particular photo was taken when I had gone to Rowland camp to just relax for the weekend, sleeping in a tent with monkeys all over. I remember going to take a stroll and I forgot to completely close the zipper of the tent, you can imagine what I found when I came back, all the food eaten and poured inside the tent and worse still, safari ants had made their way inside, it was such a mess!

Anyways, enough of that, as I was cleaning my whole house, I realized that I had so many clothes I didn’t wear, for some, the fashion has changed, while for some, I looked at them and I wondered, “was I really that big,” I actually had to put them on to see how much weight I lost through the years, so definitely these were the first to go. Some clothes were outdated, for lack of a better word, I mean, there is a season and time for some styles, and when that passes, that’s like so done! But honestly speaking who decides our fashion? who sets all these trends, why can’t I still wear my baggy jeans and look trendy yet when Rihanna does it everyone else whats to jump in and bring back that fashion?what the heck? Why can’t we be our own trend setters? Anyway, that is a topic for another day.


After am done with my room, I move on to the boys room, what do I find? old clothes that they don’t wear because they are now grown up and the clothes are way too small. Shoes, jackets, name it, the pile was huge! I came across the baby monitor that I used years back and I intentionally left it on the table to see what my kids would do with it. They were overjoyed, they thought that their dad had bought them a walkie talkie! Why do boys always think that dad is the one who buys gadgets? I mean like really? can’t we mothers do it? anyways, so the older one is showing his brother how it works and even giving directions on how far he needed to go so that they can communicate, boys will always be boys. Back to my cleaning, I must admit that I saw things that I honestly thought were lost, heck some things I didn’t even know that I had, it was really tiring, but worthwhile. After everything had being done, my house is more spacious, and the clothes went on to people who needed them instead of just storing them and wasting away.

Where am I heading with this? Have you ever felt like you needed some internal cleaning? We all need to do some cleaning in our lives and hearts once in a while, to check if there are things that are clogging us not to think properly or even function as God wants us to. What are we feeding ourselves? what are we storing in our hearts and minds? Is it trash or is it something that will benefit us? Well truth be told most of the times the things that are beneficial to us aren’t as enticing as we would want them to be and that is why you find people tend to bend to the other side. However, every Christian should do some internal cleaning to find out if they are right before God, yes we are human and we make mistakes every now and then, and that is the more reason why we need to do in-house cleaning. We so busy finding faults in other people yet, we can’t even see that we suffering from the very same faults as others. Passing judgment is the order of the day, “oh how can God work in her?” “If God spoke through him, that can’t be God,” “look at the way he has tattoos, God doesn’t speak through such people,” or does he? “Have you heard her speaking in tongues?” surely those can’t be from God? Haven’t we heard it all!


Christianity as a religion, is the one religion that it’s people don’t love one another as their leader has called them to be. Look at the muslims, they protect their own, they promote their own, they defend their own, same with Indians and many other religions of the world, yet Christianity the one religion that speaks of selfless love, from the greatest man who ever walked on the face of  this earth, doesn’t practice what it preaches! who are we kidding? Christ died for all of us even before we knew Him. Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this; while we were still sinners, Christ died for us, check out John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Why then can’t we follow in the footsteps of Jesus? And we still ask ourselves why the young millennials don’t want to come to church? why they so loath and look at us like we so self-righteous, which we are! We have forgotten the greatest commission that Christ left us when He ascended to Heaven. How do we win these young souls, if every single day we keep condemning them and do not show them love? Remember Jesus and His ministry? what did He do when the supposedly “outcasts” surrounded Him? He didn’t chase them away, in fact He dined with sinners, He never judged them, but instead drew them to Himself by His love towards them.

“Fact is this; Love covers over a multitude of sins, so whenever you show someone love, no matter how difficult they may be, they are drawn to you and want to know what your all about and why your different from everyone else!”

We need to wake up and start cleaning up our own self-righteousness, self-gratification, and look at the bigger picture. What is the bigger picture by the way? We have being called to a greater service, to be fishers of men, to live in peace with all men, to feed those that are hungry, to give a drink to those that thirst, to cloth those that don’t have clothes, visit the sick and those in prison, in the very words of our Lord and Savior in Matthew 25:35-36.

Our inner self holds secrets that we don’t and can’t let out to the world, it holds our pride, things that we would rather die before we let anyone in. However, the truth is this, our little secrets are the things that are pulling us down from achieving and becoming greater than we ever anticipated. Your past keeps holding you back, your past keeps reminding you that you can’t be any greater than what you already are. This is a lie from the enemy! he doesn’t want us to check ourselves and admit of our mistakes and our past failures, he wants you to dwell on the pain of the past. However, we can defeat him, because greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world, satan was defeated more than 2000 years ago and he still remains defeated, he is under our feet. Therefore child of God, arise! arise from your past, you are greater than what you think you are! Remember God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called. 

Today, take a bold step check your inner man, how is he? is he hiding from shame of the past? is he wondering if he will ever be what God wants him to be? do you even know your potential? There is greatness in every single one of us, we just have to realize it and tap into it. Get rid of things that are irrelevant in your life, get into a new chapter of your life and let that chapter read, “God first,” let Him work inside of you and within you, let the Spirit of the Lord deal with every dirty bone inside and let Him throw them out. Watch out for what you are allowing your eyes to see, what your allowing your ears to listen to, let everything within you edify God.


Its time to empty all the dirty inner drawers!! Follow Jesus, No turning back!!


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