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Well, here we go again! I know there has being so many posts about our recent presidential elections, and now that we are going to the polls again, I had to pen down a few things. For a moment there life had started going back to normal, schools had opened, business had started coming back again and then boom! the supreme court ordered new presidential elections. It was a shock to jubilee supporters while on the flip side of it, nasa supporters were rejoicing. I have seen people from both political divide write posts on Facebook that have left my jaw wide open, the hatred is so real! the back and forth backlash is alarming. At times I read some posts and it makes me take a step further and go to their wall and just ‘check’ them out! snooping is actually the word here. The funny part is this, just before they wrote this sickening tribal post, beneath it they had written a post about God and how wonderful He is. Am sitting on my computer reading all the negativity from people who claim to be Christians and to be honest it is sad and nauseating. How do you in one minute speak about God and the next minute speak evil about your brother? How now? Its like our minds and bodies have separated from Godly stuff and the worldly stuff! 

Sad that we call ourselves Christians, yet we cannot even follow Christ’s footsteps! I mean look at the word Christian, the first part is actually pronounced ‘Christ,’ meaning we are supposed to be His followers. However, when we come to elections, we put on masks, tribal masks! we call people who aren’t from our tribes names, we disassociate with people who aren’t ‘our people.’ We even tell our children not to play with kids who aren’t from our tribes, my son has being a victim of this. Tell me what do you tell your child, when they come home and openly tell you that another child has refused to play with them, because they aren’t from the same tribe! and yet this child due to his innocence openly says that  it was mum or dad who told them? heck my children do not even know their tribes, why you might ask? because I am raising them to be God fearing men and Kenyans first! To be honest as a parent it is so annoying, that we are starting to plant the tribal seed at this tender age, while we should be fighting it, so that in our children’s generation tribalism will be a thing of the past, something that they read in their history books! 

Personally I have being attacked for being the tribe I am, and honestly speaking its discrimination of the highest order. If this is how to be discriminated feels like, I can only imagine how it was in the colonial days! No body should ever have to feel this way. 

I have seen my friends unfriend/unfollow people who were supposedly “their friends” why? because the negativity that they are bringing is just too much! The one thing that people forget is this, I did not tell God I wanted to be an African, I didn’t tell Him to put me in Kenya nor give me the parents that He gave, I had absolutely no choice whatsoever in this matter, it is God who did this, and guess what! He is never wrong! He has never ever made a mistake and He’s not about to! He’s a just God, His ways aren’t ours.

Yes people are asking questions, why everything has happened the way that it did. The truth of the matter is this, nothing ever gets God by surprise, absolutely nothing. Am imagining a scenario where God says, “oh no, look at what the supreme court of Kenya did, they annulled the presidential elections” hehehe… never ever! He knew it would come to this, He allowed it to happen because only He knows whats best for all us, and not just a section of us. The president is angry, he’s even made utterances that he shouldn’t have made, he’s only human but it made me go to what Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:26-27 “In your anger do not sin.” Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. So many Kenyans have given the devil a foothold! the foothold of our tribal alignment and guess what, he has us just where he wanted us to be. So many Kenyans have become proud! actually both political sides, yes I said it! The supporters of the president were proud that he won and now the supporters of the opposition are proud and happy of the ruling that nullified the elections. For them its a new hope, a new energy altogether, while their opponents are mad as hell! 

Today I want to address all Kenyans from all political divide, remember this, nothing ever gets God by surprise. The truth however is this, The Church and Christians prayed for peace and for me I see God gave us peace in the form of this court ruling. Yes majority do not understand why it happened the way it did, however it is for us to go on our knees and pray for our motherland. Only He knows why He allowed this to happen, only He knows who will become president after we vote again on the 17th of October 2017! Its only God who knows our tomorrow and what will happen the next minute, so instead of talking trash allover social medial, why don’t we do what we have being called to do and that is to PRAY. I personally changed my prayers a few months ago, and I tell God that may His will and only His will be done in this country. I know some of you might defer with me, and say, ‘no, we need to mention to God whom we want us president,’ my question is this, what if your preferred candidate isn’t God’s choice will you still keep fighting God? will you reject them? Kenyans we need to allow God’s will to be manifested in our lives and in our country. We need to stop questioning God, but rather allow Him to work in our country. 

If every single one of us will pray for God’s will to be done, don’t you think our country will move forward? But unfortunately we are allowing our politicians to continue drifting us apart! Even if you follow a particular candidate, respect your fellow Kenyans and before you post anything on social media, ask yourself this question, “is it beneficial for people to read?” if it isn’t then don’t post it period! If whatever you post will bring hatred and strife  on your brother or sister, then my dearly beloved do not post it. Our country needs healing, our country needs peace, and we are the only people who can save ourselves from ourselves! Am calling on all Christians from all political divide, to be followers of Christ first before you follow your presidential candidate. Let us do what Christ has called us to do, to be our brothers keeper, to love one another, to preach peace.

We all have a purpose, every single one of us has a purpose and God has a plan over our country, we only need to let His plans unfold. To our leaders, the people in this country need to move on! the lives of our children need to move on! our children in public schools had to close schools early so that you can use their facilities, now their studies will have to be disrupted again to enable the country to vote. However, the truth is this, the children of both presidential candidates don’t go to public school, heck they don’t use anything public!! Yet we fighting for the sake of them, we need to wake up and smell the coffee that is brewing and is HOT!! Let us do our part vote and go home, the rest is not upto us. If your president wins congratulations, if they don’t, don’t fight your neighbor, don’t hate your neighbor due to their political affiliation.


Father, give us a president whom you have chosen! May your will be done in this great land called Kenya!!



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