God made you…

So am driving with my two sons and we are generally having small talk this past Sunday, it was an easy, breezy Sunday afternoon! Generally very hot and humid but the skies were dark like it was about to rain and I said, “it looks like its about to rain,” but my son who is now learning geography or is it social studies tells me, “mum it doesn’t rain in January, its not the season for rain.” But I was quick to let him know that yes its not the season for rain, but we serve a God who can change the seasons and make it rain when everyone is waiting for sunshine! As I said this, my youngest son said, “Yes mum God made everything and can change everything,” at this am humbled, and I asked him, “what is the one thing that God has ever done for you? and he says “He made me, and He made me special” at this I go quiet and am like, thank you Jesus my children are learning something about you everyday. (Proud mama alert)!

It blessed my heart! You know sometimes we go through life not appreciating anything! thinking that it is our right to be created! It Isn’t a right, its a privilege! heck we don’t have any right, however; God saw it fit to create us and He created each and every single one of us in His own image. He created all of us differently, in a unique manner and it is in our diversity that we are all unique. If there is one thing that we do not have control of this, the time we are born, our parents and siblings and still, the time that we leave this earth!

What has God done for you? count your blessings and name them one by one! When the children of Israel left Egypt, they complained about everything, yet God kept doing miraculous signs in front of their very eyes, but no! they still grumbled, they still murmured! they even wanted to get another leader in place of Moses. From the time I started doing my #Biblemarathon challenge, every single day I must admit has being a learning experience. At times I would read how the Israelites grumbled and complained about everything and I said to myself, we are not any different from them, its just the time and generations that has changed. We still complain about almost everything, instead of giving thanks to God for the gift of life that He gives us every single day.

They say you can’t have everything in life, well I say, you can find everything you need in Jesus Christ and that is the gospel truth! Yes we do live in a materialistic world, however true happiness comes from giving back to the society, knowing that God placed you into this world to make a difference to make a change, however small it may be, we all have a purpose. He made you to serve Him, He made you to serve others and be a blessing to others, He made you to live right for Him and only Him! and you know why? because this world will pass away with everything in it, what will you still remain with? will you have Jesus? or will you have been lost with the pleasures of this world and remain with absolutely nothing!

Choose Jesus and receive life everlasting, receive peace, joy and gladness!



    1. Amen! Am humbled you’ve been blessed. They say it’s the small things that count, I say God teaches me and all of us throughout everything that we go through even if it is just a small conversation….. thanks for stopping by and reading….

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