Cheap vs Expensive

What make is your mobile? It really doesn’t matter does it? as long as I can make a call? some will say. Well if your a person who goes for quality then it will matter. Cheap brands and imitations are all over the place, at times it would take you looking closely to realise a fake from an original, they are getting better and better on their imitations. However, an imitation will never be the same as an original in terms of quality, service and duration, imitation will just be that cheap and fake! But why do people go for the fake? I guess because its cheaper than the original, but you know what they say “cheap is expensive.”

Cheap is expensive because, sooner rather than later, that which you bought at a ‘purportedly’ cheap price will soon become faulty and you will need to repair it and chances are that you will use more money in the end. Or, you could buy an imitation, doesn’t get faulty immediately, but doesn’t serve you as it should and so you still end up buying yet another gadget. What of beauty products, there is nothing as bad to a lady than her face getting rashes or pimples all because you used a product and it backfired big time on you, ask me, I know all about that too well.

Now, what of God and the devil? There’s obviously no comparison between the two, God is superior, but most people will go for the cheap and that is the devil. He lies to people and makes them comfortable in their sins, so that they don’t have to realise that they are doing anything wrong. Unlike the gadgets we have, when it comes down to the truth about life, that which is given for free (Jesus) is looked as cheap, while that which will cost us (devil) is looked as expensive.Unfortunately just like a fake phone will crash on you in the middle of a chat or a phone call, the same thing will happen to you in real life when you follow the enemy. Your life will crash, when you realise that you should have gone with the original which is Jesus, and now the end has come, there is no turning back and there isn’t another chance left to get the original, yet you had looked at it and thought to yourself, “I can’t roll like that.” Well you rolled differently and look at you now! It has costed you your soul and now your full of regrets, and there’s little you can do.

You don’t have to wait until things get thick! you don’t have to wait until the end comes, or worse still, you don’t even know when the end will come. Therefore you can’t say, I will do this, before this, so that by the time Christ comes, I would have changed my ways! That is a plan of a fool and a selfish fool for that matter, this life we live in is real, the time you had yesterday is gone and you will never get it back, your not certain of tomorrow either, as you may sleep and never wake up! However, if God the Almighty gives you today, then you better make good use of it and live it for Him, choose Him coz He’s the original and the real deal, everything else is Fake! It might look good, it will be packaged so enticingly, but you need to be on guard, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour 1Peter 5:8. 

Get the number, that will save you from the snares of the enemy, get the number that will save you from eternal fire, get the number that will take you to Heaven, get the number that will bring you salvation, healing and everything else that you need in this life and beyond and that number is J-E-S-U-S. Do you have it? If so, don’t be afraid to dial it, its never switched off or busy, you will never get an answering machine, He’s always on the other side waiting for you to call. He will not rush you through the conversation, He will listen, He will wipe away your tears, He will answer and save you.

Forget the fake, its just glittering now, soon it will fade! Get the original who is JESUS CHRIST the son of the Living God.



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