Technology is the main thing in our world right now, everywhere you look, everywhere you go, everything has been digitalised, I mean there is an App for practically anything and everything out there. You want a cab? simple just download the app from the many cab companies out there and start enjoying your rides, get to know when the fares are cheap all from the comfort of your mobile phone! From Games that have made even married folks to have disputes, to mobile Bible Apps, to mobile banking Apps for most banks out there, I can withdraw money from my bank account without going to the bank and queue for long hours. All you have to do is download the app from your local back, set your pin code and your set for transactions, everything is at the touch or swipe of your mobile phone. Don’t get me wrong, am not against technology, infact I love technology, am a technowhizz (if there’s such a word) kinda person and I always want to know what’s new in the market, what’s replaced what? I mean, who doesn’t want to know what new gadget is out there? However, there’s one particular technology that to this day still mesmerise’s me and that is the Autopilot for a plane.

A pilot is a person who flies a plane, he’s the guy in charge of everyone inside the plane from the crew members to the passengers. An Autopilot is a computer system that takes over from the pilot himself when he needs rest. When the pilot puts the aircraft on Autopilot, the machine takes charge and everything is run, controlled by the machine, and while this is happening, the pilot can relax, walk around, go to the wash rooms, put his feet up and even have a meal. He has peace of mind that even when he walks away from his pilot seat (control seat) everything will be okay, he doesn’t fear, he can’t have fear or even allow a tiny ounce of it to creep in. He has total and complete trust that the autopilot computer systems will function correctly as by the manual.

Sometimes I look at my life as a plane, and since its my life, am the one controlling it, therefore am the pilot. However, my journey is long and there are places and islands that I will fly to, which will need me to switch my plane into autopilot so that I can take a rest and relax as the autopilot takes control, long flights, that drain both physically and emotionally. So who is my autopilot? who takes over? who runs the show when I reach dead end? who’s in charge? To me, that would be Jesus Christ! This guy has been tried and tested one to many times by everyone from all over the world, and so He is the one and only, the best there asset there. In the world of Avionics we have different brands who are renowned for making the best of avionics equipment, from Bendix/King, to Garmin, to David/Clark, just to name but a few, and each of these brands have their what you can call “best of the best.” One has the best of Radar systems there is, while yet another has the best of transponders/GPS and the other the best headsets. When Jesus is your built-in autopilot computer system, when you switch Him on, its a time to relax, its a time of letting go and letting God fly you through the storms in your life, its a case of putting your feet up and even sleeping through the storm because you have the best of the best looking after you and HIs name is JESUS CHRIST.

Computers fail, airplanes crash, mobile applications hang while you are in the middle of doing something and your left wondering what the next step will be. Restart? restore factory settings? remove the battery and start all over again? There are many ways to getting around machines and gadgets, but there is only one way to LIFE EVERLASTING and that way is only through JESUS CHRIST. He doesn’t crash, He doesn’t hang on you, He doesn’t need you to restore your factory settings, infact He is calling all that have ‘faults’ and seem to be not working to come to Him so that He can fix them up again! The good thing about that is, you will still be alive when He’s working on you, you will still be moving when He’s working on you, and by the time that He is done with you, You will be a perfect bride, waiting for her groom! Oh may we be a Church ready for our Master, may we be a people who’s systems are all working in place when our King comes back for us! for woe unto the person (read gadget) that won’t be working or responding to Him, they shall be thrown into the lake of fire, where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Embrace technology because if you don’t you will be overtaken by events, but as you embrace technology around you, remember that Jesus Christ died for you and that He is coming soon to take His people home with Him, Now you better have in your hearts His systems and decrees, if not, you will be just like a faulty phone that will be destroyed!!


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