Measure up!!

1/2 cup of flour, 1/4 cup of water, a pinch of salt, perfect cooking, needs perfect measuring of all ingredients, which will turn into a great meal. If we did not measure the salt, sugar, water, or any other ingredient that we need for cooking, not only might we have a tasteless meal, but it might be too bitter or even too sweet and you know when it comes to extremes, that’s just not eatable! I mean, who would eat food that has too much salt? even if your person who usually adds table salt onto their foods, when it gets too much, it becomes bitter and no matter how tasty the food might have been, the bitterness is a no no! Same with tea that has too much sugar, well I know some people have a very sweet tooth, but honestly speaking, there is a sweetness that just cannot be tolerated!

We get through in life through different sizes, when we were born, there was new born clothes, which were tiny tiny and so cute, but as we continued to grow, so did our sizes, a one year old cannot wear clothes for a new born, nor can a new born wear clothes for a teenager. Yes there are people that are very petite in life, and as such, they might be grown ups, but normally shop in the kids section due to their petite nature. All our clothes come with stickers, stating the different sizes, small, medium large, large, extra large etc. Lotions, body creams, perfumes, medicine all come in different sizes, while medicine comes with different dose, for children and adults. Why is that? why shouldn’t I take the same as a child, and yet its the same medicine? Well am pretty sure the pharmacists knew what they were doing when they were writing the instructions, because if a dose that is meant to be taken by an adult is given to a child, it will be ‘an overdose,’ the child might even die, while if a dose that is meant for a child is given the same measure to an adult, it will be an ‘under dose,’ they will not even get healed!

Such is life by the way, everything around us is measured, and some if not measured properly, will lead to an abuse of the same! Take for example that anytime you abuse a drug, even if it was an antihistamine for allergies, the drug will stop working in your body, same with antibiotics, if we abuse them, one too many times, our bodies become resistant. There is however one person who doesn’t measure up anything that He gives us and that is our God. There is no measure to His Love, goodness, mercy, grace, faithfulness, there is no measure, infact what He does with us, is this, He goes over board! He goes over the TOP! I mean His love for us is so much, that He sacrificed His Only Son for all of us, to me, that right there, is the greatest kind of Love! He didn’t hold back, He didn’t think twice, He went full force, He went full throttle so that me and you might be saved.

Yesterday my son saw a clip from a gospel music video that showed how Jesus was tortured and crucified, and to him, that was the saddest thing that he’s ever seen and he kept asking who that man was, and why he was being beaten so much, I just cried when asked that because, I felt that most of us have taken all so casually what Christ did for us. Jesus poured out all His BLOOD for us, all of it! HE didn’t bleed just a little, He wasn’t beaten just a little, no! the beatings on His back, ripped His flesh! That’s the kind of God am talking about here! He didn’t measure up His Love, He gave it all, He hasn’t measured His Grace, He gives it all, He doesn’t measure His mercy, they are new every morning, that is our God. He doesn’t tell us to repay our enemies, but He asks us to forgive them and not to hold on to what they did. He walked in this earth, He taught, healed, raised the dead, and this same God is with us today, and He is still in the same business.

Are you living a sinful life, then come to Jesus Christ, He won’t judge you, He won’t ask what you did or didn’t do, He knows it all, but still He has chosen to forgive you and love you unconditionally! He won’t tell you that you only need Him for 1/2 a day, He doesn’t limit us, infact the more you get to know Him, the more you want more of Him, you can never have enough of HIM, never! How you knew Him yesterday, is not how He is today, that is our God, Majestic, Powerful, hasn’t lost any battle, and he’s not about to loose any!

A God that doesn’t measure Himself onto us, that is who Jehovah is, and when you give your life to Him, He makes you a new creature, the old goes away and the new comes in a spiritual transformation and he sits you up with Him, he doesn’t make you wait to see if you will backslide or not! no thats not how He does things! He’s a different kind of guy, He gives all of Himself 100% to us all on the first day we meet Him and everyday He clothes us with His goodness and mercy. I don’t know about you, but that’s my kinda God! That’s whom I roll with! that’s whom I serve, Jesus Christ, the Son of the one and only Living God!!


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