The Great Party!

My youngest sons birthday was this past week, he was turning 5 years old, I bless the Lord for this far he has reached. From the time his brother celebrated his 9th birthday, he’s been asking when his own birthday was taking place, and I have sung the song over and over again reminding him of the date. He’s a little guy, but he knew exactly what he wanted, where the birthday was to take place and how the cake was to be made, and he made sure everyday to remind us how he wanted his birthday to be. I remember telling him, to pray to God and ask Him to bless mummy and daddy so that we could be able to give him the party that he wanted, and boy did he pray. At times he would remind God of how he had prayed and then he would tell me, that God has already heard his prayers. He was eager to turn 5 years, he was longing for the day to reach, so that he could party with his friends and make merry. I remember my husband looking at him one day and he smiled, when I asked him why he was smiling, he just said, “we need to learn to appreciate things like children do.” At the back of my head am like, but don’t we do that? but he went on to say that the passion and anticipation that children hold onto their hearts when they want something is really high, and we need to learn from them.

Yes we celebrate our birthdays, but none of us really longs for them coz we know we are getting older. So for us, the anticipation is that, even if we celebrate our birthdays, we aren’t as excited like little children who want to get older, yet, we all reach a certain age and then we don’t want to grow anymore, most of us be like, ’18 till I die!’ When I saw how happy and how excited my little boy was, when he knew he was getting a birthday party, that he got to call his friends over and just celebrate with them, it made me ask myself this question, and I hope you can ask yourself too… ‘am I as excited as my little boy to go to the Great Heavenly party that has been prepared for us’? Do we look forward to it, that everyday we live out our lives in hope and anticipation of how Heaven will be?

The TRUTH of the matter is this, for all of us, a party is coming, and a great party for that matter, this will be the party whereby everyone will be invited, no one will be late, no one will miss out, all of us will be there. Some of us will be making merry as we enter into our Fathers House, while others will be sad, because they will miss out on the cake, miss out on the joyous singing and dancing and all that will be left for them is the sad, agonising lake of fire, whereby there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The Hope that we have is this: JESUS CHRIST, He’s the one that is preparing the party for all of us, but nobody knows when it will get down, except our Father! and so for us, its a case of cleaning our garments, for the invites are already out, the planning is already underway. You might be thinking to yourself, “well I have been hearing of this party all my life, but it hasn’t happened yet and am clocking 40 or even 60 years old.” Thats the danger that we are facing right now, people are thinking to themselves that they still have enough time on their hands and so they live their lives carelessly, and before they get a chance to repent, they die in road accidents, sickness and diseases that come in so quickly like a flood, and finish the lives of many young people. That is why you cannot and should not take any chances, make every second count, live your life for Jesus Christ, the SON of the Living GOD!!


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