Guard your Heart!

It’s hardly a week and I have had to buy 2 brand new tyres. I borrowed my husbands car, and when returning it, I realised that the tyre had completely burst open and had to be replaced, then a few days later as I was driving my car, my tyre was ripped open by broken bottles that had been thrown on the road and I hadn’t seen them, and so yet again, another tyre had to be replaced. When it happened the second time, I thought to myself what the h* is going on? and worse still my dearest husband started calling me a tyre ripper! Oh well moving on….

All cars have a spare wheel, such that If you get a tyre burst, all you have to do is replace it and keep moving on. Once the tyre bursts open, you will not be able to move until you replace with the spare wheel. Broken legs, broken hands or even broken shoulders, all can get fixed, but a broken heart, who can fix? A broken heart that has been torn over and over again, to the point it bleeds with pain, anger & resentment. Broken to the point of loneliness, which leads to depression and before you know it, someone has completely lost their mind and gone mad, or worse still, they commit suicide. There is no spare wheel for the heart, once it gets burst open with hurt and anger, if its not taken to the one who deals with issues of the heart, you will slowly see that person getting worse and worse. We have clinics for almost everything, even the heart, but there are certain damages inside the heart that no doctor can heal, no operation can make it normal again. It is only Jesus who deals with matters of our hearts, doctors can treat, but only Jesus can heal. Doctors will discover the problems facing our hearts, they can suggest cures and give preventative measures, but ONLY GOD can completely heal our hearts. Whether it is physical healing or even emotional healing, it is only Jesus who can completely and totally heal our hearts.

So if your emotionally drained, you’ve lost your trust in everyone, you are slowly getting into depression, give Jesus a chance today so that He can deal with your situation. David Crowder sung “Earth has no sorrow, that Heaven can’t heal,” meaning, there is absolutely nothing here on this earth that is difficult with God, nothing! He can do it all, He will heal your broken heart, He is the only one who can do that, nobody else can. The Bible says in 1Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” He knows that in this world we will get worries, of this and that, but He has given us a way out, a short cut and that is in His one and only SON Jesus Christ. Therefore, Lay down your burdens, lay down your cares on Him, He’s got your back, He will carry you!

Your heart doesn’t have a spare wheel, when the time for it has expired, it will rest, but the joy that we have as christians is this, we will rise again, we will rise to see our Lord, we will rise to live with our Lord and Saviour, that for me is the hope that I hold onto, it is the hope that I have. When Jesus died and rose again, He went up to Heaven to prepare a place for us. He conquered death, so that even though, we will fall asleep, we will rise again in Him, and when you arise in Christ, you will never have to die a physical death again.

Over time I have been called a fanatic for Christ, but I always tell them, if I cannot be a fanatic for Christ, then what else should I be a fanatic for? for the world? no I will not! Christ died for me, and so I will live my life for Him, regardless of what people will say or think. After all, its my life and I will get judged alone, not with anyone else. Go on, be a fanatic for the King of the Universe, spread His love, Spread His name!

The wise King Solomon wrote in Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Our hearts, are our being, without our hearts beating, we cease to exit, so while our hearts are alive, Live for Christ! Remember you don’t have a spare heart waiting somewhere that you can easily exchange once, yours fails! GUARD YOUR HEART!!


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