Jesus, God’s perfect plan for mankind!

I tell what, children ask the most difficult questions that leave you wondering how their minds work. So am reading the Bible to my sons and in particular the crucifixion, and he asks me, “mum, Jesus died for us?” and I go “yes,” and he goes, when he died, who in our family was there?” am like, “none of us was there, because Jesus died for us  many many years ago.” He keeps quiet for some time and then he asks, “why did Jesus have to die those many years back, why didn’t He die now, when us we are here now?” I completely go blank, in my head am thinking, Lord I need your help with this, please give me an answer that would make this young curious boy understand why you died for us, many years back. I bless the Lord because He gave me an answer, after an awkward silence, I tell him, “you see the way that we work hard to get school fees and pay the fees the beginning of the term, before you even start your classes, so that you get to study and don’t get chased away because of school fees?” and he goes “yeah”, then I said, “that’s exactly what Jesus did, He died for our sins those many years back, such that when you are born, and get to know Him, all your debt (fees) have been paid off! you have no arrears whatsoever, you only need to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Saviour. And my son goes “OOOOH, now I understand.” I prayed for them and they slept, as I was leaving their room, I thanked the Lord for that revelation.

There is no parent that is alive that would like to see their children get chased away from school because of school fees, none! that is why we work hard everyday to put food on the table, to be able to clothe both ourselves and our children, to pay rent, school fees and all the other basic necessities of life. When we get the basic necessities in life, there is a peace that comes upon us and naturally, we relax. God is a perfect God who is so good in planning everything, He is the MASTER PLANNER, He knew the end, from the beginning. When the devil came to Eve and made her eat the forbidden fruit, which she also gave to her husband to eat, the devil thought he had destroyed God’s perfect plan for the human race. God told the devil, that the seed of the woman, would crash his head, am sure the devil at that time must have thought what seed? All dominion on earth was given to man, and so for God to save the human race, He sent His only Begotten Son, who was conceived of the Holy Spirit and was born through a woman! (seed of a woman) When Christ died, He took the keys of death from the devil and on the 3rd day, He rose again. Jesus did all these things for us because He wanted all the generations to come, to be saved by what He did at Calvary.
He paid all our debts, He tore the veil, He made a way for all of us, all we have to do is accept Him. Jesus, who is God’s perfect plan for the human race, is revealed for us all. Jesus is the ultimate SACRIFICE, receive Him and receive life everlasting.

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