Journey Through 1st Thessalonians – Chapter 2

Every time you read the New Testament, you realise the amount of time and suffering that was put in by the apostles as they delivered the gospel from one city to the other. It also makes one appreciate the cost that was paid by these same apostles who wrote the Bible that we now read at the comfort our homes and even our mobile phones. Paul’s continues with this journey from city to city, which say many people convert in Christianity in the quest of spreading the gospel. He was mistreated badly, as he mentions in verse two “we had previously suffered and been treated outrageously in Philippi, as you know, but with the help of God we dared to tell you His gospel in the face of strong opposition.” Acts 17 gives us a glimpse of what Paul his companions went through (read verse 1-9), but despite the great opposition they faced, they still pursued and preached the gospel. 

How many of us would have endured the same ridicule and still pursue? I ask this because we live in times where so many christians have felt like giving up, and yes some have left the faith because they felt the pain was too much! others felt like God had abandoned them and they were all alone. Whatever the reason, the fact remains most of us would not have endured what the apostles endured, which leads me to say that only God knows why He chose you and I to be in the time and moment that you are right now. He who knows us before we are formed in our mother’s womb, knows that whatever storm you are in, is just but for a season and it will pass. He is calling us to stand firm in the faith, our reward will be greater than our pain.

Ave heard people say, that the letters that Paul wrote were his own sentiments and not from God. Paul clears this matter when he says in verses 3-4 “we were not preaching with any deceit or impure motives or trickery. For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good news. Our purpose is to please God and not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.” All through the Bible, God has always worked through and with man to bring forth His message of love. He sent His Only Son to come to earth as a human, so that He could save mankind. To add onto all this, lets not forget that “all scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” 2Timothy 3:16.

Paul used to be known as Saul was a persecutor of believers, but God called him in Acts 9 to be “God’s chosen instrument and take God’s message to the Gentiles and to kings as well the people of Israel. But God puts a disclaimer in Paul’s ministry, “And I will show him how much he must suffer for my name’s sake.” Acts 9:15-16. Ask yourself “what has God said about your life, what are some of the things He’s approved that you will have to go through, all for His Name’s sake.?”

Again in Romans 15:15-16, we see Paul’s calling and ministry to the Gentiles “…because of the grace God gave me to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles. He gave me the priestly duty of proclaiming the gospel of God, so that the Gentiles might become an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.” Every time we read scripture, we shouldn’t look at it on the angle of who wrote it, but what is the message that God is giving us? God is the one who chooses His servants, only He sets them apart for the work that He’s called them to do.

Paul continues to write to the believers in Thessalonica informing them that everything they did together with the other leaders was not out of pretence, money or human praise. He reminded them of how he and the other leaders with him toiled to earn a living so that they were not a burden even as they preached the word and while they had a right to make for some demands but instead they didn’t. Instead they were like little children among the other believers, or a mother feeding and caring for her own children. This shows that there was more to just preaching the gospel, they were like a family, a lesson that we can each learn and practice. As believers, we shouldn’t just think about ourselves but be a community that looks out for each other.

The believers also suffered persecution from their own fellow countrymen and Paul was encouraging them not to give up but remind them that God is the one who would deal with the Jews who were keeping them from preaching the Good News of Salvation to the Gentiles. The battle was not there’s but God’s. Have you ever found someone who was against you just because you were a christian? Keep your head high and remember that the battle isn’t yours but it belongs to God. All you have to do is continue serving and living out for God who has called you – and watch Him fight your battles.

Take Home: –

Do not offer excessive & Insincere praise, persecution and suffering are part & parcel of christianity, care and love one another sincerely.

Memory Verse 1Thessalonians 2:12 “Live your lives in a way that God would consider worthy. For He called you to share in His Kingdom and Glory.”


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