Sweet – Sour

How many times have you eaten something that was so sweet, it even left you licking your fingers, but later on your stomach turned sour, and you got diarrhoea! Well am not talking about real food here, am talking about things that you have done and enjoyed doing them, but later on you regretted ever doing them why? Because they end up causing you more harm than good.

What examples can I give? You have a well paying job, but your still stealing from the company, when your stealing, everything is sweet, but when your caught, everything will turn sour. Pastors who go to the extremes and even source for ‘powers’ from the under world so that their churches are full and they can perform miracles. Truth is a time will come when you will be exposed, and everything will not be so sweet but sour. You have a business agreement with someone, your both entitled to 50/50, but you find a way to get 60% and your partner 40%, you will enjoy the benefits for a while, but when your caught, your partner will terminate the contract and all the sales that you had will decline. Your having your own little private affair yet your married, when your caught, you will most probably loose your family.

What are you hiding when no one else is looking? What secrets do you have that if found out will turn sour on you? Live a life that is full of Intergrity, live a life that is like an open book, that even when people open through your pages, they will not find any dirt, but will turn through the pages of your life and smile!

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