There is a swahili saying that goes “Usipoziba ufa, utajenga ukuta,” which basically means that “if you don’t repair the cracks on the wall, you will soon have to build the whole wall”, as it may just collapse on you. Marriages, friendships with our family & friends, relationship with God, all these have the tendency to get cracks along the way, it will be upon us, to note the cracks, then try and repair them, if we don’t then you will see marriages ending, friendships collapsing and our relationship with God falling apart.

Where do these cracks come from? I would say from knowing someone too well, or rather thinking that you know them too well, to the point that you start taking advantage of them. When God created man, He saw that He was lonely and so He created a helper for him and she is the woman in his life. We have however seen throughout our times now and before, marriages falling apart, couples who loved each other and who were married for a long time, now can’t stand to be in the presence of one another. How can two people who loved each other so much, fall apart? We need to wake up and smell this coffee that is being brewed by the devil and his agents, he is the one that is making people get too comfortable in their marriages to the extent that they flirt with the opposite sex, someone who is not your partner and before you know it, the flirting becomes a relationship and soon enough, you look at your married partner and think that they are ugly, or fat why? because you have started comparing them with your ‘side kick.’ Same with friendships, someone whom you have grown up together with, and you look at them as you would your own sister or brother, but now after the many years of friendship, it all comes crumbling down! why? because one party kept on disregarding the other!

The same goes for our relationship with God. People nowadays don’t have the fear of God in their hearts, they have forgotten their first love and have turned away from the presence of God. People who were saved, who used to go to church and who loved the Lord, are now the total opposite! They love the world and the pleasures of this world, everything around us looks so enticing and has been packaged so beautiful that it has become hard for them to resist. The one thing that people have forgotten is this, “not all that glitters is gold,” most people have decided that they will drive away with flashy cars (in this aspect their flashy lives), they are partying away like rock stars, don’t get me wrong, I am not against parties, it just depends what kind of party your getting yourself into. We need to go back to basics, we need to go back to God, we need to repent and come back to this God that is loving and caring for us. We need to go back to this God who died for us many years back, the one person who thought of us even before we came into existence.

We use people, and value things, but what we need to be doing is using things and valuing people. Value your married partner, that one person that you took vows before God to cherish them and stand with them, for better or worse till death do you both apart. Value your relationships with friends and family, remember to visit your parents, take your children out to play. There is so much to this life that matters, there’s so much that we can do, instead of wasting our precious time on things that do not matter. If you got cracks in your marriage, by all means, mend them. If you have cracks in your friendships, look into them, look into the problem don’t by pass anything. If you see that your relationship with God isn’t the way it was, look into it, see what is making you not grow in salvation. Anything that is blocking your growth, needs to come out, and anyone that is making you not reach your full potential, we need to realise that some people will drag us, and its time you let them go. Let go of ungodly relationships, let go of the living style that stops you from growing in your Christian life. Fill up the cracks, because if you don’t, you will have to replace a whole wall, and if you don’t replace in good time, Christ will come back when your not ready and He will not take you Home with Him.



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