So what really matters?

Success, success and more success, we put so much pressure on succeeding in life that we actually forget on the most important aspect of life, LIVING! People have spent all their lives looking for money, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to go to work and hustle to put food on the table. While you were working hard, you forgot you ever had a family and every time someone reminded you that you need to spend time with them, you said, “that time will come.” Well you got your hearts desire, you are RICH, you are loaded, you have enough money to support your family without any stress, but guess what, you are also sick! You have diabetes and high blood pressure, things that you could have avoided, but you were too focused on your goal, that you forgot to LIVE. You forgot to take your wife for dinner, you forgot to play with your kids, you were too busy you didn’t even notice your wife had lost weight because she was pulling double duty with the kids! You were too busy you didn’t realise that your kids had concentration issues in school, they have become attention seekers, they always get into trouble to get your attention, but still, you never go to school and see what’s wrong, instead you send their mother!

The greatest footballer in the world, has missed a goal, has missed a penalty, the greatest doctor in the world, didn’t manage to cure the little boy who was dying of cancer. The world’s best musicians do the dumbest things that leave our mouths wide open! The greatest politicians who walked on this earth & did great things for their countries are all long gone, dead and buried! This is what it all comes down to, we will all die! Everything that we strive so hard to work for, does’t last forever. The greatest men and women who ever walked on the face of the earth are dead, but they also failed at one point or another in their lives. No human has ever walked this earth without making mistakes, without making blunders! The only person who walked on earth and was PERFECT in every sense was JESUS, why? because He is God, the rest of us are mortal, our thinking is carnal.

At the end of the day, we need to realise that we make mistakes and this world is not our home. Each one of us will reach their destination and when we do, even if we hadn’t finished what we had started in the world, we will need to get off this bus, thats the truth! But before you get off this bus called life, do you know the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour? Without Him we are but just (in the words of casting crowns), a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapour in the wind. However when you receive Him as you Saviour, even in death, you are victorious!

Therefore Hustle hard, but put your priorities right. Live your life for Jesus, be there for your family and loved ones, give to the poor, try and make the world a better place than the way you found it…….. this is what really matters!!


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