How do we advertise ourselves

How do we advertise ourselves? How do we carry ourselves? People who do sales or who promote a product are usually very convincing. They make you buy a product that you hadn’t even budgeted for, they have a language of their own, very sweet words. What is our product? We all have a product to showcase and sell to other people, the only difference is that our product doesn’t need money to be bought and our product cannot be seen physically. When you accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour over your life, you must have been told to “make your lives an example so that people will see God in you.” Question is have you done that? Are our bodies a living sacrifice? Do we sell our product (Jesus Christ) well? Can you really convince people out there that your God is the only true God? Will people look at you and ask what’s different in you? What has changed in you? Why are you like this nowadays? Will they be pleased with the changes or will they not even notice anything?

Purpose to make your God known, purpose to be different. We all can’t have a platform like our preachers do, but we all have an opportunity to spread the word. Let your very life testify of the goodness of God. Some of us ever since we got saved, we are walking like people who are wounded, yes you have gone through thick and thin, but don’t testify of how you suffered, but rather testify go how God was with you during the whole time and how He brought you out. There’s a saying that goes, ” don’t show how big your problems are, but rather show your problems how big your God is,” that should be our testimonies.

Evaluate yourself and your life, sell your product to the world and convince them all into buying our product and making Him known throughout the world. If we all kept quiet and only waited for the gospel to be preached by pastors on Sunday’s or in crusades, will our God be known? Remember He said if we don’t praise Him, the stones will!

You don’t even necessarily need to preach, but let your life speak for itself! Let people see love just as Jesus shows us love. Let people see mercy, tolerance and kindness. When Jesus comes into our lives, there is something that happens in us, our sins are forgiven, and therefore we walk by faith having being justified by God. Today I challenge you to tell someone who didn’t know your saved about God, tell them how Wonderful He is, share the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ and may the Holy Spirit use you to make someone give their lives to Christ. Hallelujah!

May we see Jesus in your life








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