New Creature

Have you ever tried to decipher God? Like try to crack Him open like you would with a written code or a coded signal? Or better still like the way you would try to cut open the human brain and try to understand how it works? Not that I have ever opened a human brain,... Continue Reading →


I started typing this post some two weeks ago, but somehow I kept finding something else to do, either it was school work or devotion with the boys, or cooking and trying to find a new recipe to gather my ‘new skills.’ It's crazy how I have created time for everything else except writing and... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings…

The smell of a brand new cardigan, jeans or even a new sofa. There is a feeling that i can't seem to describe that comes with brand new stuff, and truth be told, we all like things when they are brand new, they are cozy, never being washed, and your the first to wear and or... Continue Reading →

Pursue Your Purpose

Picture this, your on your death bed, taking your last breadths before you leave this earth, and then you see something that looks like a ghost. You try to explain to the people around you what your seeing, but they don’t understand any of it and all they do is tell you to focus your eyes... Continue Reading →

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