Who is your darling? Would you sacrifice your darling? Yesterday I was listening to some old school worship gospel music! Hehehe, well there isn’t really old school worship music is there? worship music doesn’t really matter if its old or not, worship music brings us into the presence of the almighty and nothing can ever beat... Continue Reading →

Now you see me…Now you don’t

Last week I witnessed the Local Council roughen up some small scale traders who were selling in the streets. I was crossing the road and in what seemed to be in the twinkling of an eye, now I see you, now I don't, everyone was running around helter skelter and for one minute, there was total confusion.... Continue Reading →

Peeping to see if all will see you…

I kid you not, these boys will one day make me have a heart attack with the words that they release from their mouths! Last week at around 7pm in the evening, it's a school night, hence they gotta eat and sleep early! those are the rules and I make sure they are followed to the last letter.... Continue Reading →

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