Ideal Life….?

When you sit down to think and remember all the miraculous signs and wonders that God has performed since time memorial, then you will be amazed. It all begins from His amazing beautiful creation, order was there from the beginning, paying attention to detail, nothing was left to chance. He did not create the animals first,... Continue Reading →


Do you obey God? I like sharing my real life experiences because one, they are real and two, they bless my heart. Children say things that as adults, we might dismiss, but I believe they know what they say, they know what they see, so parents don't dismiss them. That said, my last born son spent... Continue Reading →

Sweet – Sour

How many times have you eaten something that was so sweet, it even left you licking your fingers, but later on your stomach turned sour, and you got diarrhoea! Well am not talking about real food here, am talking about things that you have done and enjoyed doing them, but later on you regretted ever... Continue Reading →


So I was doing my morning run today, yeah 2017 goals, keeping fit! the struggles is real my friends and when I got home, as I was doing my stretches my eyes met the eyes of my 2year old Rotwiller dog! Fearless she looked straight into my eyes, without flinching! heck it even made me freeze for... Continue Reading →

Passing Knowledge

My sons asked me the other day when we were watching the “Jesus of Nazareth” movie, “why did He have to die like that? Isn’t Jesus God? Why are they beating Him up like that? why is He carrying the cross and yet He’s tired? why are those people so mean mum?” question after question they... Continue Reading →

Failure is not an option!

My son loves experimenting and his latest project was to make his very own drone, you can imagine my face expression when he said he wanted to make his own drone. As a parent, we should always encourage our children to explore their talents, that said, I asked him what he needed, some things were in... Continue Reading →

Change of Guard!!

Security companies are everywhere, each with its own profile trying to entice companies and even individuals into booking them, the more packages you have to match and meet every need, the more people will buy into your company. When the services offered are good enough, then you are guaranteed of referrals from different people, which... Continue Reading →

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