God made you…

So am driving with my two sons and we are generally having small talk this past Sunday, it was an easy, breezy Sunday afternoon! Generally very hot and humid but the skies were dark like it was about to rain and I said, “it looks like its about to rain,” but my son who is now... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings…

We all like things when they are brand new, why? I guess its the feeling that we get from new stuff! I recently was at a money exchange shop and after I had done my transaction, I signed on the book, only to realise I was the second person in the new book to sign.... Continue Reading →

Finding God, Finding yourself!

So am watching the prince of Egypt with my sons and it gets to the point that Moses realises that his life isn't what he thought it was. He was raised in the palace and he therefore got the best of everything, good education, the best food, the best clothes name it! Moses had it all. Then here... Continue Reading →

Whom do we reflect?

They say children are usually a reflection of their parents, what they see happening in their houses, they will most likely be found doing it. What about us, what do we reflect? When Moses came down from the Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in His hands, He wasn’t aware that his face... Continue Reading →


Life keeps moving everyday, it doesn’t stop; both my sons upgraded to the next class and they seem to like their new environment. Coincidentally, yesterday they both came home with maths homework and it was addition sums, but my youngest son does his counting out loud, everyone hears him….. he cracks me up! As he kept... Continue Reading →


When God sent Moses to go to Pharaoh, He gave Moses instructions that Pharaoh should "let God's people go."  However Pharaoh never knew who their God was and he honestly didn't care about it, so God sent plagues and calamities on all Egypt one after the other. At first Pharaoh thinks it's all a big... Continue Reading →


My Pastor challenged us into doing a six months Bible reading marathon and I gladly accepted the challenge. Needless to say, that last year I didn’t finish with the rest, but this time I gotta finish to the very end and not just finish, but finish on time with everyone else! Was reading Genesis chapters 9-16 and I came across the covenant that God made... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Resolution!!

There was a time I made a resolution not to ever make new years resolutions ever again, why? because I always found myself not keeping anything I ever wrote down! Or rather, I would follow my piece of paper for a month or two and by the 3rd month, ad be like, “what  the h***... Continue Reading →

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