If you knew the exact time when you will die what will you do? who would you like to spend your last minutes with? if the only currency you had was your time, what would you buy? knowing that every time you buy something with your hours, your time to live here on earth reduces. I... Continue Reading →


Where are you in life? are you at a point where you can comfortably say that you've reached where you've always wanted to reach? are you at a point whereby you seem to have gone backwards? are you at a point where your stagnant, nothing is growing, nothing is moving? where are you in life?... Continue Reading →


"I just want to be happy", this is the phrase that most people use, and anyway would you really blame them? As it is right now our world is just full of hypocrisy and everyone is trying to look for a glimpse of hope that they can hold on to. A happy family, a happy... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a child…

Children will do mistakes, and we cane them for doing wrong, though sometimes chances of them repeating the same mistakes is usually at 99.9% and at times you think to yourself, don’t they ever get tired of being discipled over the same thing? Aren’t they afraid of being caned or being scolded? don’t they ever... Continue Reading →


Our world is full of seasons, I remember as a child we used to sing a song that went like, “after the sun, the rain, after the rain the sun, this is the way of life, till the work be done." Don’t know if I got the words right, its being a while since I... Continue Reading →

Finding God…

For the past week, I haven’t being consistent in writing, my son was admitted in hospital for his appendix and he was in a lot of pain. It was a trying moment, I must admit, at first the doctors weren’t even sure what they were dealing with, test after test, x-ray after x-ray, pain medication, but... Continue Reading →

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