Strive to excel

We strive so hard to excel in life, that we actually forget that we also need to put the same effort in our salvation. Think about it for a minute, and ask yourself, if we put the same effort in our salvation and working for Christ as we do for being successful in other things,... Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes…

Some things are easier said than done! I kid you not, its so easy to tell someone, don’t worry everything will be okay, yet you are no where close to wearing their shoes or even feel a pinch of what they are feeling. Human nature, human nature! I guess its the human nature! There's no... Continue Reading →


God is the one who gives us all the different gifts that we have, some of us can sing tones that no one else can, some can play music instruments, some are born leaders talented in putting people together, however, the gift that we have, we can intentionally use it to Glorify God or not.... Continue Reading →


If something or someone is always predictable, then you would know their next move, next plan why? because they have being doing things in a certain way and so you’d expect their next move to be the same as the previous. Is it really that obvious? That you’d know someone’s pattern to how they do... Continue Reading →

Who you living for?

I keep a few chickens in my house and we just realised that the male one was sick, and so we decided to slaughter it, so that it may not infect all the other remaining chickens. Before we slaughtered it, we tried to administer medication to see if it will get better, but it didn’t,... Continue Reading →


So yesterday am stuck in town waiting for my car keys. Apparently the guy I left my car with, forgot that he had my car keys and he went home, however, he also left my car keys inside another persons car. The sad part of it all is, he couldn’t remember who it was at... Continue Reading →

Stop Doubting and Believe!

When Jesus first appeared to his disciples, Thomas was not with them. And when the other disciples told him they had seen the Lord, he said to them "unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not... Continue Reading →


Anyone can come up with a design or an idea and execute it very well, but when it comes to re-inventing something, you first have to have an original copy. The original will guide you, and if you want to change what was there originally, you can change. Same with events that take place in... Continue Reading →


Children are little machines, they look and walk away, however 99.9% is guaranteed that they will repeat what they saw either as a child or as an adult. Children’s brains are like recorders, they pick up everything they see and record it in their brains, then somewhere along the way, they remember what they saw,... Continue Reading →

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