Guard your Heart!

It's hardly a week and I have had to buy 2 brand new tyres. I borrowed my husbands car, and when returning it, I realised that the tyre had completely burst open and had to be replaced, then a few days later as I was driving my car, my tyre was ripped open by broken... Continue Reading →

The Great Party!

My youngest sons birthday was this past week, he was turning 5 years old, I bless the Lord for this far he has reached. From the time his brother celebrated his 9th birthday, he’s been asking when his own birthday was taking place, and I have sung the song over and over again reminding him... Continue Reading →


There is a swahili saying that goes “Usipoziba ufa, utajenga ukuta,” which basically means that "if you don’t repair the cracks on the wall, you will soon have to build the whole wall", as it may just collapse on you. Marriages, friendships with our family & friends, relationship with God, all these have the tendency... Continue Reading →

What seed are you carrying?

I was walking in town yesterday and I saw a lady who was pregnant and she was walking towards me, some guy who was walking aimlessly was about to hit her and I noticed that she stopped and she put her hand over her tummy, turned to the side and she let the guy pass,... Continue Reading →

Are you ready to be unveiled?

Whenever the presence of the Lord is in our midst, we definitely feel it and those who aren’t saved, will get a conviction. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, darkness cannot stand, evil spirits will have to depart and leave, for in His presence, there is fulness of joy, there is peace that is indescribable.... Continue Reading →

Who Approves your work?

When young children do their homework, they always bring to their parents to have a look and see if they have done the right thing. But as they go along you start noticing when they reach the upper classes, they usually don't bring to their parents to check, they think that they are old enough... Continue Reading →


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. Throughout the Bible we are reminded time and time again to have Faith in God, and we see many people who had faith in God and how He moved and worked miracles in their lives, through the faith that they had in... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit

As a parent, I have learnt to always listen to what my children tell me, sometimes they say things that don’t make sense, but as long as you give them an open ear, they will tell you everything that happens to them. That said, a few weeks ago, my son wakes up and tell me... Continue Reading →

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